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Screen Printing is the most common process we use to decorate garments at Xcellent Graphics.  We have a variety of inks to choose from ranging from standard plastisol to waterbase and discharge ink.  Our ability to custom mix colors in house means you have the ability to choose practically any color you can imagine.   Our in house art service will help you to bring your ideas to life so that we can give you a shirt you can be proud of.  Currently Xcellent Graphics operates 2 manual presses and has automatic capabilities off site.  We can produce 500-1000 shirts per day depending on artwork and amount of colors.    


Xcellent Graphics offers full service embroidery on numerous items ranging from polos to hats.  Our embroidery professionals have experience dealing with all different types of substrates and are always available to help with any embroidery questions our customers may have.  Embroidery is the preferred method when dealing with any type of corporate wear and especially hats.  Contact us with all of your embroidery questions so that we can make you and your organization look your very best.


Heat Transfer Vinyl has really gotten popular in the last few years for garment decoration.  We use HTV for decorating on sports uniforms as well as projects where a customer may be looking for a glitter look.  The beauty of HTV is it allows a customer to do a single shirt at an affordable price with many color options.  HTV can also be used for signs and the decoration of other things such as cups, plaques, and bags.  Our staff is extremely experienced with HTV and can answer any questions you may have so feel free to give us a call.

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